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Impact Yourself - Impact Others

Welcome to Coach Fitness

Welcome to Team Impact! I am a wife, mom, nurse and passionate about empowering women! My heart is full when you are able to discover your own potential. I moved across the country, leaving all my family and everything I ever knew behind. It was exciting, fun, scary and completely different than anything I thought I was capable of. I discovered my own strength through heartache and defeat.

More About Me

I have been a Labor & Delivery RN for 10 years and loved every minute of it. I love coaching and encouraging women to believing in their bodies, to overcome what seems impossible in the midst of extreme pain to deliver new life. Almost 3 years ago, my family and I moved 1500 miles from everything we ever knew. It was an exciting, scary moment. 3 months after our move, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. How could I be so far away? How could Maryland be where I was suppose to be when she was fighting so hard in Texas? Depressed, lonely, sad, scared…it was consuming me. I knew I had to make a decision….that is where my fitness journey begins. I went from unhealthy and disconnected to realizing once I was able to impact my own life, my new passion was impacting others! Impact Yourself – Impact Others!

Left - feeling hopeless Right - feeling unstopable

Left – feeling hopeless
Right – feeling unstoppable